Thursday, 14 August 2014

[Discussion] - Circus Ramblings

Last weekend, I went hiking up the Old Man in the lake District, and then stopped off at Liverpool on the way home. And what did I see upon entering the Albert Docks? (Besides The Beatles exhibition, of course)

A carousel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Excuse the man butting in on my picture) (Also known as a Merry-Go-Round, which I guess is a more popular name over here, but my life is infinitely influenced by American media)

There was also a lovely circus themed restaurant, named Circo, which my dad wouldn't let us eat in.

Now, I think the circus is my absolute favourite thing. I don't even know why; I just know I am a tad bit obsessed. I mean, if it was viable for me to run away with the circus, then I definitely would. Just sayin'.
There isn't actually a point to this post, I just wanted to point out that two of my favourite shows now have Circus series:

American Horror Story: Freakshow, and Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, not to mention, my favourite DC Character is from the Circus! As well as Olga Kay, one of my favourite Youtube vloggers.

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