Saturday, 16 August 2014

Stencil Saturday! Week 1

This project is going to run every Saturday, starting from now!

'Stencil Saturdays' is an original weekly project/meme, starting right here, that I (and hopefully you!) will partake in. The aim is to produce a piece of fiction- creative writing, in the form of poem or prose, describing something- and what that is is totally up to you!

My challenge for you guys is to write your own description, and do this, just like me!

If you wish to partake, then the rules are:
- Write as much or as little as you like!
- You can post your response where ever you feel most comfortable- on your blog, as a comment here, or just keep it to yourself.
- If you do post your response, add the URL of the post or comment containing the entry to the appropriate week's Stencil Saturday into the LinkUp!
- Please link back to my blog, The Book Carousel, in your response!
Each Saturday, I will include in the post my favourite entry of the previous week! This is not a competition, just a little exercise and a chance to have some fun! Good luck and happy writing!

 My entry: 

This is a child's playground. The air is crisp, the night is young, and the fires are alight all around. People dance with their companions; with strangers, brothers and sisters, cousins and aunties, uncles and grandfathers, prancing around the burning flames.

The smell that lingers in the air is a plethora of difference - the sweet, sticky smell of melted butter and toffee, the sharp, woody smell of embers, floating up and down in the wind like tiny Chinese lanterns. The sounds they hear are a mix of organs, accordions, violins and trumpets, the melody as lulling as the atmosphere itself.

Tents propped up all around house the most wonderful, amazing feats known to man- acrobatics who defy the laws of physics, ventriloquists who possess the dark and sacred powers of voodoo, mediums who commune with the long lost, contortionists who have more talent than bones.

Their bright, sequinned costumes are like beacons in the dark, attractive and glorious, mesmerising and spellbinding.

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