Thursday, 6 November 2014

Author Q&A - Mechelle Vermeulen

Hello again! So, today, I am here with Mechelle Vermeulen, author of the upcoming novel, Hurricane Butterfly. I've asked her a couple of questions about what it feels like to soon be a published author- let's get started, shall we?

Now that you’re aware of the release date of the book, are you nervous? What exactly are anticipating and/or dreading about it the most?

It’s freakin amazing! I can’t wait to share Josh & Sophie’s love story with the world. I think I’m more excited than nervous, it’s a strange mixture of a million feelings that’s hard to put into words.

Talk us through the process of finding an editor and getting Hurricane Butterfly ready- was it smooth for you, or did at times you think of just giving up? (And if so, what made you persevere?)

Finding an editor was easy. I contacted one of my favourite author’s editors and she accepted. I thought it would be hard...maybe I was just lucky.

What was the inspiration behind your book?

I have always been a firm believer that beauty is more than skin deep. I think there’s too many girls/women out there today who think that they need to have the perfect body, etc. for someone to fall in love with them. This story is about two people, each with their own flaws and insecurities who fall in love with each other’s’ imperfections’.

You were very excited about the cover reveal; how did it (the cover design) come about? Is it all you were hoping for or more? What was your reaction to it, and how well do you think it was received? (You can view the cover here.)

I knew exactly what I wanted. I don’t like surprises so I was very hands on when it came to designing the cover. I wanted the hurricane to portray Josh and the off course the butterfly is Sophie. The tagline on the cover are also in the book. I am extremely happy with the end product!

How has your life – your friends, family, the places you’ve lived – influenced Hurricane Butterfly?

My family moved from South Africa to New Zealand in 2006. We live in the countryside where the birds wake you in the mornings, and at night the stars are so bright it feels like you can pluck them from the sky. These things are like mind fertilizer for new story seeds to grow!

Did you ever experience any bouts of that dreaded writer’s block?

Never have and hope I never do. I have the opposite. My mind never stops, it’s like a fountain of stories bubbling up all the time!

Can you share with us any future plans for your writing career?

I am currently working on my second novel. It’s been a WIP since 2013.
It’s a much bigger project than Hurricane Butterfly and I’m very excited, and nervous about it!

And finally... Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for aspiring authors?

I remember when I wanted to write my first novel in English. My first language is Afrikaans/Dutch, and I’ve been writing stories in Afrikaans since I was a little girl. I’ve always wanted to write a love story in English but I just couldn’t find the right words to express what I wanted to say. I kept at it and then came the moment when I knew it was time to let someone else read my work, and that was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. The reaction was better than what I expected. It gave me the confidence to carry on. I don’t feel near good enough, but I’m a work in progress :)

Wow! How extraordinary to be able to publish in a language that isn't even native. Thanks so much, Mechelle, for taking part! I'm looking forward for Hurricane Butterfly to be published, (expected late November), and I suggest you all should too!

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