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[Discussion] - Morning Glories FANCASTING!

I'm going to assume not a lot of people here are familiar with Morning Glories, as it's a pretty tiny fandom, plus it's a comic book/graphic novel series. But it is seriously kick ass, and my favourite non-superhero series going to so far.

Soon, I'll be posting a review of the first 3 volumes. In light of that, let's start with some basic concepts of the novels, shall we?

Title: Morning Glories
Published by: Image Comics
Run: 2010-Present
Created by: Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma

(^Above campaign art by Rodin Esquejo)

Synopsis; (Via Goodreads)
Morning Glory Academy
One of the most prestigious prep schools in the country...But behind it's hallowed doors something sinister and deadly lurks. When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers...and escape from a place where nothing is what it seems to be!

I'll talk more about my feelings for the comic series in my actual reviews of the volumes, as this post will be focusing on some fancasting! You know, who I would love to see play each of the characters if that was to ever become adapted into a movie/tv show.

(This post is mainly in response to the question I asked Joe on his Tumblr, and the response I received...)

Okay then! First up: Casey Blevins.

So, if we were going by looks alone, then it would definitely be this woman, Eliza Taylor.
 (However, let's go with her The 100 outlook) 
However, I'm not actually sure what type of actress she is, as I have yet to see anything with her in, (I know, I know, the 100 is definitely on my to watch list, don't worry, Andreea,) so I can't accurately say if I'm okay with this? Casey needs to be headstrong, determined and up to anything. She pushes herself a lot in the series, and that needs to be portrayed effectively.
And if there's two people I know who can definitely do that, it's Lily Loveless and Freya Mavor. (Both from Skins UK)
  Conclusion, honestly, either of these three women.

(It's also nice to know that dragonsinparis agrees with me about Eliza Taylor)

Next up: Zoe.

My first instinct was Priya from Emmerdale, protrayed by Fiona Wade.
 I did also think of Natalie Anderson (also Emmerdale), however I didn't think she had quite the mean streak capabilities as I know Fiona does. She's got to be both pretty and horrible- it's going to take a lot of expressions to portray Zoe.

Next up: Hunter

Who else but a young Rupert Grint?
 Except, you know, he's a little old now... so someone in the science industry better hurry up and create a de-age ray. Come on, take some ideas out of Tesla's book, would you...

(Or, let's take forwardnotion's idea and cast Thomas Brodie-Sangster, which certainly solves our ageing problem.)

Next up: Ike.
This guy is my literal husband. I will protect him to the death. My immediate thought was Cameron Monaghan. And if you watch this YouTube clip, you will probably understand why. He's got the cocky aspect, the threatening nature, and the innocent/friendly disposition down to a T. It is a very commendable piece of work, and I would love nothing more than to see him have a go at Ike. 
He's certainly similar. Just add some glasses, a nice suit and waistcoat, and we're good to go. (Jeez, movie people, hire me as your casting director already. I'm clearly great at this. I'm definitely not favouring British people what are you talking about that's absurd) Or, alternatively:

Jack Gleeson
 I'm sure we've all scene the type of role he can play in Game of Thrones.

Next up: Jin/Hisao Fukayama.

At first, I thought, Conner Kent! But... you know... Conner Kent isn't... really... in a position... to... well. Scientists, you know your cue.

So, instead, how about Harry Shum, Jr?
 I like that. I also like Ki Hong Lee. (We may as well just employ them both, circumstance considering.)

Last of the Glories: Jade Ellsworth.

Difficult, because she's probably become my least favourite character. But I have a couple lined up.
Sophie Turner for starters, purely because I love her. (She might even encourage me like Jade!) She has the moody teen part settled, especially with this scene in Game of Thrones. (Warning for gore and threats of violence and slapping.)
 or, Julia Monique Neviandt, who is German!  No reason that should stop her, though.
Or, how about Russian-born American actress Natalya Rudokova? Probably my favourite for her, currently.

And, finally, let's do quite possibly the most villainous faculty member ever, (and you thought your teacher was a nightmare...) Miss Georgina Daramount. (no wonder she's single...)

Can I nominate my own teacher? Because I think she could play the part quite well...

Initially, I thought: 'you know who would be good this? Joan Watson. Joan Watson would be good for this'. AKA, Lucy Liu.
 But, then also, Jaimie Alexander.
 How about Caroline Dhavernas?
 I would probably enjoy being drowned by her.

So quite a few, up here! Do you agree with any of these? Or do you have your own? Feel free to share below!

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