Friday, 1 January 2016

The Next Great Adventure Vol. II

Well, here it is. My first blog post of 2016. And what's a New Years blog post without an obligatory reflection, eh?

I did a very similar post this time last year, so I can safely say this shall most likely be a recurring post. This shall be filled with details of the highs and lows, some photographs, and my ambitions for 2016!

 So let's get started...

2015 was, all in all, quite possibly the most horrendous year I have ever endured. So many things went wrong, and despite some amazing opportunities that I received, I'm not quite sure the good outweighs the bad this time around.

After a year and a half of battling cancer, my nan lost her fight and left us forever. She was perhaps the closest relative I had, besides my mother. It took a while to get over that, despite knowing it was coming for a good 6 months. But she's in a better place now.

I caught my first girlfriend. It was extremely brief, but an experience nonetheless. I have become far more confident in both myself and my bisexuality. I had the best reaction when I told my mum; we both ran off screaming because as soon as the words came out, we were attacked by a monstrous swarm of wasps. If it was a sign, I've ignored it.

Three of my horses fell victim to strangles, a respiratory infection that affected Grayson the most. They all made a full recovery, with the infection being well contained and treated properly. This was an awful ordeal, for it reminded me of losing Misty not even 6 months prior. I was so scared of losing another horse.

I didn't bond with my new horse at all. She repeatedly tried to bite me, and would not allow me to catch her at all. She is an absolute beauty, but the stress of her is not something I need or want and so have made the decision to sell her. We also sold Harley and Grayson, and acquired a rescue named Cassie.

I learnt to drive! I haven't taken my test yet, but I feel ready for it. There are so many adventures awaiting me and my little vehicle!

I got hired, and then fired, by Coca-Cola. It was fun while it lasted. I have, so far, been unsuccessful in finding a replacement job.

My horse lorry got stolen. Thankfully, we got it back several months later after it was found not too far away. The damage was not extortionate, but it was still a while before the police allowed us to have it back. My brother's car was also stolen, as were around 50 other cars of the same make from the neighbouring towns. It was found a week later, not even a mile away, completely stripped and burnt. Sure, he got the insurance money, but he lost all the belongings he kept in there. Getting to work was a nightmare for him.

Speaking of my brother, he experienced his first anaphylactic shock after a nut-free curry contained nuts. It was the first time (since he was 3 years old) that this had happened. It was scary.

I went to Italy! Visiting there had always been a dream of mine, and I had a fantastic time with my best friend in the entire world. It was so beautiful, and hot! Visiting the Vatican was perhaps my favourite; we climbed so high! The view was magnificent.

I read barely anything. It's shocking, though you can undoubtedly tell by my lack of posts. I don't know what happened... I just sort of lost interest, or didn't have the time, or just couldn't be bothered.

I stopped writing. I used to be a regular poster on Archive of our Own, but now, not so much. I just don't have the spark any more, and I miss it dearly.

I applied for university - English Literature and Creative Writing.

I spent a week at Durham University, attending a Sutton Trust summer school. That was, perhaps, the best week of the year. I travelled entirely alone, I met some fantastic people, I visited the university of my dreams. I learnt to juggle there, had a swing dancing lesson - two of the things on my bucket list. Attended a silent disco. That was also another thing I had wanted to do.

But then I found out attending Durham was an impossibility for me. I got only 1 A in my AS grades, the rest being spectacularly awful. It was horrible. All the work I had done, all the effort and stress and extra lessons, had been for nought. I was heartbroken.

The above isn't everything that happened to me in 2015, but they are the most important. They all altered me in some way or another; some permanent, some not.

Now that is out of the way, I can talk about resolutions for 2016!

I aim to:
- Use this blog more often, and post of other things besides books.
- Knuckle down and try my hardest with these exams, and accept whatever the result is.
- Manage my compulsions better.
- Read more!
- Get down to a healthy weight.
- Write more! I want to have something published either here or on Wattpad, that is completely original for you all to enjoy. (Maybe even offer it as a free download).
- Gain work experience within the publishing industry.
- Get a job.
- Spend more time with my horses.
- Attend the university of my choice.
- Be happy. Be less stressed.
- Pass my driving test.

And, finally... Have fun!

I want 2016 to be better than 2015. I want to take gambles, and I want them to pay off. I want to accept everything on the chin, with a grain of salt. I want to be unreserved and carefree; I want to go out with my friends, attend parties and live while I'm young.

I am going to take each day as it comes and try my hardest to accomplish all I want this year. There is nobody but myself who can do this, who can make me happy.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have all had a good New Year!

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