Sunday, 8 May 2016

May Map Making Sunday #1

I am a huge procrastinator (my first exam is in 10 days and the only bit of revision I have done for it was about almost two months ago); so, what better to do with my time than blog? Nothing!

The first session of May for the writing group that I attend (hosted by the gracious Lily from Whispering of the Pages, with help from many other amazing people) was focused on map-making. My current WIP has a tonne of foreign lands, hence, map-making is pretty essential in order to understand (and as a reference to me).

As such, here is the first Map Making Sunday of May!

This feature will run on all the Sundays in May, which is 4 more (including today), and each Sunday will feature a new landscape/world, a description, anomalies, races dwelling in, the climate etc. Everything I deem important to the world! (Really, this is just a way to get myself motivated and so I can start a reference folder full of these for my WIP). They won't be the full details, and many will lack information in places, but that's okay!