Sunday, 8 May 2016

May Map Making Sunday #1

I am a huge procrastinator (my first exam is in 10 days and the only bit of revision I have done for it was about almost two months ago); so, what better to do with my time than blog? Nothing!

The first session of May for the writing group that I attend (hosted by the gracious Lily from Whispering of the Pages, with help from many other amazing people) was focused on map-making. My current WIP has a tonne of foreign lands, hence, map-making is pretty essential in order to understand (and as a reference to me).

As such, here is the first Map Making Sunday of May!

This feature will run on all the Sundays in May, which is 4 more (including today), and each Sunday will feature a new landscape/world, a description, anomalies, races dwelling in, the climate etc. Everything I deem important to the world! (Really, this is just a way to get myself motivated and so I can start a reference folder full of these for my WIP). They won't be the full details, and many will lack information in places, but that's okay!

World Name: Opprør vik (lit. 'rebellion cove')

I've gone for the cliché vintage grunge background for this fantasy land.

Inhabitant Species: Anthropomorphic Lizards; 'Kaltak'. (More information to come on this species later).

Climate: Mostly dry; this is the preferred conditions. Rain is infrequent, but water supply is plentiful. Temperatures have never fallen below freezing point.

Terrain: Dry earth, dust and sand fall below the feet. Boulders and rock fragments from the mountains are used to create buildings, along with wood and stone. Crossing the terrain is by foot, horseback or horse-drawn carriage.

Wildlife: Creatures unknown to humans dwell in the forest. Savage beasts such as bears, panthers, buffalo and geese roam the country side. Reptiles are aplenty.

Features (More history to come on all these later)

Oakney Palace ["Oke-knee"]
The former royal home for the late Malnok family; the palace is currently deserted, ransacked and destroyed by the weather and pillagers, as it has been since the insurgence. Bridges to and fro the palace have been burnt and those caught sneaking in or out suffer the same fate that the royal family did.
Tjuefem ["Tyou-fem"]
"The forest of twenty-five trees." Is what the locals call it, though it is home to many more than 25. Rarely does anyone venture in or out. Legend has it, the people of Hermay can hear the trees singing to them in their sleep, calling their names, begging them to release them. The forest is not forbidden, but it is avoided.
Hermay ["Her-may"]
The largest village, containing a majority of the elderly. Most of them never leave, and have spent all of their lives there. There is a cult operating there, which worships Tjuefem - despite its members lacking the courage to venture in.
Slightly smaller than Hermay, many young couples relocate to Loka, for it is wealth in the mining industry makes it a desirable place to settle if kids are in the future.
Tapier Mountains 
The rocky, mountainous region of the land. There are many caves and mines hidden around the area, where one might find employment and treasure and death or all three. Long ago, a family went deep into the mines and have not been seen since, nor have their bodies been recovered. Their fate is unknown, but speculated at. It is used as a warning to warn young children of the dangers of going up their unsupervised.
Mat'chokavin ["Ma-Cho-Ka-Vi"]
The thriving capital of the realm, this desert city is where all trade and governing happens. It was dissident inhabitants of the desert region that started the uprising that overthrew the royal command, after years of being treated unfairly. An equal society is encouraged, and city officials are quick to crack the whip on any they believe are behaving unjust.
 Lake Loriana ["Law-Rie-Ahna"]
There are just two families that live on stilted huts in this lake. Secluded, finding food in the lake resources, they leave their homes even less than the citizens of Hermay do. In the warmer months, however, they promote safety in water to children and teach them how to swim, sail and fish.
Saniyana ["Sanni-Yarna"]
The second largest city, renowned for its hospitality and woodwork, along with great ale production.
Toyanova ["Toy-A-No-Va"]
A statue and fountain erected slightly south of the centre of the realm, commemorating the defeat of the royal family and the victory of the rebels. Inscribed in the stone are the names of those that fell during the battles. The former royal crown is inside the statue, sealed away. Many believe drinking the water from the fountain will give them good luck.
Seako ["Say-ko"]
The most secluded city, and the smallest. It was once home to the noble families that served the last King. Those not executed during the rebellion, but were not viable for jail either, were forced to relocate to this city. Whilst at first bitterness and resentment was high, the occupants have since reintegrated into society with no harsh feelings on either side.
 So that's what I have (so far) on this world! I'm excited to expand my worlds and explore their history and heritage - I'll be so glad when exams are over so that I can start!

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