Wednesday, 22 June 2016


So, I have been absent from my laptop for roughly a month... Why? Because of the dreaded exams.

Overall, I think they went well - I don't think I'll be disappointed come results day, as I'll only get back as much as I put; which, admittedly, was not as much as it should have been. Oh, well. It's all over now! There's nothing I can do about.

Come September, I'll be moving to Aberystwyth to start my first year studying English Literature and Creative Writing! I was blessed with an unconditional offer, and so there's doubt that I'll be going.

But until then, I have all of summer to myself - when I'm not working. And what will I be doing? BINGE READING. and BINGE WATCHING TV. I am so excited holy cow. And I'm starting right now with the first book in the Game of Thrones series.

Well, by right now I mean after these couple episodes of Modern Family.

As such, I am back into the blogging 'sphere!