Due to the increased work load of A2, I am currently not accepting review requests.

I am, however, accepting propositions for guest posts, spotlights and cover reveals.

If you are considering asking me to review your book, please take heed of the following and then send me an email!

I Will Accept:
- Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Manga books.
- Physical Copies in any format.
- Kindle/Mobile/.PDF versions
- Sequels, so long as I have read the first book or the first book is easily accessible.
- Any genre - but particularly YA, Horror/Thriller, Dystopian, Fantasy, LGBTQ.
- Self published/Indie books
- Authors from around the world, but work must be in English.
- Anthologies/Short Story collections and individual.

I Will Not Accept:
- Poetry
- Self help books
- Heavy erotica (Mild is fine, so long as it is not blatant porn.)
- Non-fiction

Still Interested?

Email me at thebookcarouselreviews@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have not received a response within one week, please assume that what you requested is against my policy and subsequently I am not interested.

Please include the following in your email;
- Subject Header relating to your request
- The book's title, author, publisher, and synopsis.
- The format in which it shall be sent.
- Any other information you think to be relevant.

I am also willing to;
- Host Giveaways
- Do author interviews/Q&A/Guest Posts
- Participate in blog tours

What to expect from my review;
All reviews will contain the Title, Author, Publisher, Year Published, A Picture of the Cover Edition I received, Synopsis (usually from Goodreads) and an 'Elephant Rating' between 1 and 5.

- An honest opinion that is in no way affected by your request.
- Cross posted on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as any other sites that you may desire.
- Broadcast on Twitter, Bookbridgr, Goodreads and Bloglovin'
- Exceptional punctuation and grammar and styled out in a sophisticated way.

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