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Paige(n.) Often found in books, covered in words and pictures and weird symbols. Easily ripped, burnt or crumpled. Proceed with caution.

I am Paige. An eighteen year old book blogger from the United Kingdom.

For my seventh birthday, my mother brought me the entire Jane Austen collection. I wish I could say that that was what sparked my long and languid - yet severely passionate - affair with books, but really, it wasn't. The book that holds that grand moniker is actually the Lily Quench series by Natalie Jane Prior.

At the moment, I am in my last year of Sixth Form, where I study History, English Literature, and Chemistry. My goal is to study English Literature and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University, and then going on to work in journalism or somewhere else in the publishing industry.

There are 3 words commonly associated with me: Small, Comics and Horses. Why? 1: I am unbelievably short. 5 foot and half an inch. 2: I adore comic books, in particular DC, though I prefer the Marvel cinematic universe by far. 3: Horse riding is my passion, and has been longer than books. 

I am, in essence, a key hoarder. That quite possibly tells you a lot more about me than I could ever hope to.

Another passion of mine is languages. I don't want to just live my life in English. I want to experience literature and culture that is not native to me. As such, my most prolific other language is German. I'm also quite enjoying learning Norwegian, which I find easier to comprehend.

On the web, you will find me under the names 'thebookcarousel' or 'cruciomysoul'. It kind of depends how frequently I use that site, and sometimes it doesn't depend on anything at all.

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