I'm always writing.

I regularly post fanfiction on Archive Of Our Own under the name cruciomysoul; you can see my profile here.

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Superhero Films That We NEED

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On a freezing night in November in Trøndelag, central Norway, 8 children disappear. No signs of foul play, no suspects- they just simply vanish. There are no witnesses, and the police have nothing to go on.

Detective Babette Kjærstad is making plans to go solo as a PI. Is this the case that will allow her to make a name for herself, and establish her independent career? Time is short- does she have what it takes to find these children, and return them safe and sound?

//Inspired by Scandinavian Noir Drama.

Personal Projects:

A Diary to Dream (Available to download free at some point. Probably.)
Nothing but a dream journal. A recollection of the terrors I suffer at night.

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